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Rwanda Community Health Quality Program

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005
Administered by:

Agency for International Development, Overseas Missions, Kenya USAID-Nairobi
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  • Original Grant - Dec 19, 2003
Applications Due:

Mar 20, 2004

total funding: Not Available
max award: none
min award: none
cost sharing, matching: No
number of awards: Not Available
type of funding: Cooperative Agreement

I. Overview of USAID/Rwanda?s Integrated Strategic Plan (ISP), 2004-2009. Rwanda is a small, landlocked, and densely populated country of 8.2 million people in central Africa. It?s modern history has been greatly influenced by the 1994 genocide in which nearly one million people died and more moving into exile. Almost ten years later, the country continues to rebuild itself. The ISP assistance goal is to Increase Economic Development and Improve Well-being in Rwanda. The areas of intervention proposed in the strategy are all areas in which USAID has worked successfully in Rwanda and in which USAID has a strong comparative advantage. In analyzing the priorities for the ISP, support to the GOR?s decentralization program emerged as one of the best opportunities to encourage grassroots political, social, and economic development.

II. The ISP includes three strategic objectives (SO). They are:
Democracy and Governance (SO5): Increased citizen participation in post-transition
Health (SO6): Increased use of community health services, including HIV/AIDs;
Economic Growth (SO7): Expanded economic opportunities in rural areas.

The Health Strategic Objective includes four intermediate results: 1) reinforced capacity for implementation of the decentralization policy in target health districts; 2) increased access to select essential health commodities and community health services; 3) improved quality of community health services; and 4) improved community level responses to health issues. When referring to ?community health services? in the context of the strategy, USAID/Rwanda envisions an optimized health care system which, irrespective of the location where services are actually provided, responds to community needs. Such a system fully integrates the community as an essential partner, along with health professionals and local elected leaders, in all phases of service design, financing, and delivery.

III. The purpose of this SOW is to obtain technical services to help the Mission meet defined performance measures necessary to achievement of both SO6 and SO5, in particular, the SO6 intermediate result of Reinforced capacity for implementation of the decentralization policy in target health districts, and the SO5 intermediate result of Enhanced implementation of the decentralization policy in target local areas. Within the decentralization domain, the proposed contract will have three levels of focus: i) national-level strengthening for planning, financial systems, and policy in the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Local Administration, Information, and Social Affairs; ii) district-level capacity building with local governments in 64 Administrative Districts (ADs) that cover 20 Health Districts (HD), and with the health facilities for which the ADs and HDs are jointly responsible; and c) local-level capacity building to facilitate management of Health Centers and to provide for sustainable finance, through formation of community-based health pre-payment schemes. The proposed Decentralization and Health Financing contract will be for a five-year period, for up to an estimated total of US$30 million, including US$8.96 million for a Contractor-managed District Incentive Fund.

IV. Other procurements for USAID/Rwanda?s Health SO: USAID/Rwanda will use additional mechanisms to implement the new strategy including a cooperative agreement for Quality Community Health, and a partner (or partners) for Community Action for Health, with a strong emphasis on HIV.AIDS. Efforts under the Quality Community Health Request will address Rwanda?s challenges and opportunities in the technical domains of HIV/AIDS, reproductive & maternal health (including family planning) and child survival/malaria/nutrition at two levels of focus: i) national level systems support (i.e. policy/norms/standards, professional training, institutional strengthening); and ii) integrated service delivery in the same 20 Health Districts as the Decentralization and Health Financing contractor outlined above. This Cooperative Agreement (CA) is estimated at US$75 million over a five year period.

These two instruments (Decentralization and Health Financing, and Quality Community Health) will work in the same geographic areas, but target separate administrative and technical institutions as different points of entry to address the common objective of increasing use of community health services. The intent is that USAID implementing partners will serve as the catalyst to effective decentralization of health care to the communities.

USAID/Rwanda will convene a Pre-Award conference for both procurements at the beginning of February, 2004, in Kigali.

The soon to be issued RFP and RFA documents will be posted to FBO and FedGrants approximately (15-19) days from this Synopsis posting. The solicitation numbers will be RFP 623-04-005 and RFA 623-04-006. No additional notice will be given concerning the RFP/RFA Solicitation date of issuance/posting. Once the RFP/RFA Solicitation is posted to http://www.fbo.gov/website, this will allow the potential bidders/applicants to submit a proposal/application. The office issuing the RFP/RFA Solicitation will NOT mail forms or hard RFP/RFA copies out. The cover letter to the solicitations will advise that there will be a pre-Award conference in Kigali, Rwanda in February 2004 at a date to be confirmed and included in the RFP/RFA. Questions and Answers resulting from the pre-proposal conference will be posted to FBO and FedGrants by issuing an Amendment to the RFP/RFA Solicitations.

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Community Access Program

More Information:

see website in the RFA

If you have problems accessing the full announcement, please contact: Busaka, Anne

Address Info:

Agency for International Development, Overseas Missions, Kenya USAID-Nairobi, Unit #64102, APO, AE, 09831-4102

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